When all other titles fail, state the obvious.
This image marks the completion of my third project. It's only taken me three years and four months. :-D

Very many thanks to everyone who has followed my project, taken the time to look in and given such generous and supportive feedback; it's all very much appreciated.
Lovely abstract, curved lines...I agree on the title :)
posted June 4th, 2016  
You are still the mistress of b/w abstracts! FAV!
posted June 4th, 2016  
Congratulations! Lovely picture.
posted June 4th, 2016  
well as with so many of your abstracts, I have no idea what it is.
it does look rather like a ladies leg and hem line ! Perhaps I am over imagining that one !
Well done of finishing Alison and many thanks for all the support you give to me and my project.
I hope you are staying for another 365 pics :)
posted June 5th, 2016  
You have really been nailing these abstracts I love the combination of curves and shadow in this one.
posted June 5th, 2016  
Congratulations on three years. I love your black and white abstracts. Hope you are continuing posting for another 'year'
posted June 5th, 2016  
Super abstract. Well done on completing your third year.
posted June 5th, 2016  
I like the concept and the mystery. I can enjoy the lines and curves without distraction.
posted June 5th, 2016  
An abstract pleasant on the eye with the soft lines and smooth curves.
posted June 5th, 2016  
Super abstract shot, you are so good at these! Congratulations for finishing the third year!
posted June 5th, 2016  
A super abstract shot. Fav!! 😃 Congrats on completing year three
posted June 5th, 2016  
I love the lines and the flow. Nice composition Alison.
posted June 5th, 2016  
Smooth and relaxing image. fav
posted June 6th, 2016  
I see a violin; I am a strange girl!
posted July 16th, 2016  
I have somehow missed your final image! Apologies and congrats. This is really beautiful on black gives it an extra dimension and glow.
posted July 30th, 2016  
I really love black and white and It's remindes me of a bow and arrow, outstanding work and i will buy it with my money fav.
posted August 29th, 2016  
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