Industrial bearing by dulciknit

Industrial bearing

Better on black if you have a moment.
Part of a steam pump in the London Museum of Water and Steam.
There's two or three other photos of this in my project. I love it and I keep taking its picture because they won't let me take it home. :)
Happy weekend!
I like the way you were able to capture the smoothness of the metal - the light and shadows are terrific as always. As you've noticed, I don't get much chance to the computer these past 4 months since my granddaughter and great-grandson (age 2) have moved in with me. But I do love your shots!
November 2nd, 2018  
I understand the "they won't let me take it home. "

It is such a photogenic bearing :)

I look forward to more appearing on your photostream Alison
November 2nd, 2018  
I'll take your word on it - wouldn't have a clue what that is really!
November 2nd, 2018  
Great work with the shapes in the composition.
November 3rd, 2018  
Great composition and close up shot
November 3rd, 2018  
Best to keep going back and looking at it afresh! There must be so much to photograph in this exhibit and you are so good at leaving so much out to find a really interesting and quite lovely composition.Fav
November 4th, 2018  
November 9th, 2018  
It's really impressive on black. Really pops out at you. Great curves.
November 12th, 2018  
Your image has a great feeling of power and strength.
December 29th, 2018  
Got me on both my love of engineering abstraction and on my love of tones and shapes. Lots of power in this without the need to understand how it works (tee hee read my reply to your post on my page here:
January 25th, 2019  
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