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I live in Seattle Washington USA, near the the Puget Sound with the Marina and Golden Gardens park and beach all within walking distance of my home. The big city is only a few miles away. I feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful city and cannot stop taking photographs here. I almost always carry my camera with me wherever I go.

I am fairly new to photography and have been learning to use my Canon DSLR for the past two years from some fun internet classes. And now this is the first for me to join this 365 Project, and am looking forward to posting everyday and learning more.

It is now another year, 2017 and I hope to continue shooting and posting a photo every day this year! I think it may be a little easier now that I have a new iPhone 7 plus, which I carry with me everywhere I go. Previously I didn't always have a camera when I really wanted to take a picture, and would get behind and never be able to post every day. So off to a good start! :)