One is a bad example to the youth of our land ... by edpartridge

One is a bad example to the youth of our land ...

The other is Pete Doherty from The Libertines.

Steve-from-work and I went for a walk over to Spitlefields Market at lunchtime, where I spotted this tall, gangly person trying on Trilby hats ... "That's Pete Doherty!" said I, "No it isn't!" said Steve-from-Work ... After a couple of minutes stalking we decided it was.

So ... I asked Pete if Steve-from-work could have his photo taken with him as Steve-from-work's-sons wouldn't believe he'd met him. "Genuine fans?" asked Pete, "Oh yes!" said Steve-from-work, so arm round Steve-from-work's shoulder, Pete happily posed for some photos. Very nice bloke, and very tall and wanted to know where Steve-from-work got his mac ...

(And I wasn't at all praying that Steve-from-work didn't mention how good Pete's band "The Librarians" were ...)
he looks unusually lucid.

And pete doherty doesn't look to bad either.

(see what i did there).
April 1st, 2010  
haha Boom boom. Nice to see him "with it", normally he's in the media stumbling out of a club/gig looking for his next hit.
April 1st, 2010  
I'm a middle aged woman who should know better than to like Pete Doherty! But........trouble or no, he brings out the 'I want to take him home and look after him' type feelings!!! Lucky you to see him. He's back on the road with the Libertines later this year.
April 2nd, 2010  
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