Old and British (2) by edpartridge

Old and British (2)

Took Jackson for a walk across the fields again this evening, and went past an old, old tree that was blown down in a storm a long time ago. Very dead, but I love how the branches look ...

The type of branch you pass when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, in one of the worst thunderstorms ever recorded, and for some reason you decide that going to the creepy, unkempt mansion on the hill with flashes of lightening seen in it's glass domed roof is a good idea ...
You're scaring the socks off us! Can just hear the creepy music, see the forked lightning and the ghostly figures gliding across the sodden lawn, bent almost double as they struggle against the gale.... the gate creaks, the tree sways, the branch................ no, no! Can't continue......where are the guttering candles and why won't they stay alight...............
April 12th, 2010  
Remind me not to book you for a funeral ...!
April 12th, 2010  
Ha Ha!!! Apparently I do a good funeral!!
April 12th, 2010  
Elizabeth does do a good funeral Ed - well so she tells me!! lol
April 12th, 2010  
I could put in the creepy bits if there were a special request...and my organist might compose some music for the event.... trouble is...the deceased wouldn't know (probably).
April 12th, 2010  
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