So that's how that works ... by edpartridge

So that's how that works ...

I have a bit of a cold today, so am feeling sorry for myself as well as unsettled (This is my 3rd photo upload of today) as the waking up last night every hour on the hour, and then every 10 minutes between 4am and 5am testifies.

All inspiration has gone out of the window (Though Steve-from-work has come up with some great ideas) so after a day of sitting in front of my computer at work with a pounding headache and blocked up nose, I spent a couple of minutes sitting in the garden, mostly looking at the patterns around me - I like my roof.

The wife is out with the school mums; the girls are in bed; the dog is on his bed, and I'm going to make some peppermint tea and read a book in mine.
Sounds horrible....hope the night light was a comfort! Like the picture.
April 22nd, 2010  
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