MissBLP - The 'B' is for 'Bob' by edpartridge

MissBLP - The 'B' is for 'Bob'

Originally I was going to upload one of the photos I took at the London Aquarium, but the lighting wasn't that good and I had a very excited 7 year old with me who was determined to finish the aquarium quiz.

But ... after years of resistance, MissBLP's mum has finally allowed MissBLP to have shorter hair - and here's the result. MIssBLP loves it, declaring it "awesome" ...
June 11th, 2010  
Totally awesome Bob!!
June 11th, 2010  
Absolutely gorgeous!!!
June 11th, 2010  
Look how cute that expression is!! And the hair is very cute as well!! Great shot!
June 11th, 2010  
she looks so grown up now :)
June 11th, 2010  
That is so beautiful.... what a fun expression!
June 11th, 2010  
Such a cute picture
July 12th, 2010  
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