Off to (paintball) war

On Armistice Day I pay tribute to the men and women who fight for justice. A fight that means that today my son can wander off in the sunshine and enjoy an afternoon outdoors, playing paintball with friends - with no prospect of real military service. At worst he'll come home with some bruises, and dirty, paint-splattered clothing. So much of the freedom we take for granted has been handed to us by the selfless acts of duty performed by those who came before us.

As an amusing aside, Greg has appropriated 'Case No 9' for his paintball gear. It was used by my grandfather when we went 'Up North' during WW2 as Chaplain to the Cape Corps( and this was one of the boxes that held his books; as a chaplain he never carried arms. After the war it became one of the crates that was used to pack and move belongings as the family moved from one rectory to the next. My mother says that Case 33 went missing in one move, and for years whenever something was missing it was deemed to have been in Case 33. Given the sheer number of items that have been allocated to Case 33 over the years, it must have been the size of a container!
great shot.
posted November 11th, 2010  
A lovely way to interpret the message of a solemn day.
posted November 11th, 2010  
Wonderful tribute shot! I'm cracking up about "case 33"!
posted November 11th, 2010  
Great story and shot!
posted November 11th, 2010  
God bless men and women fighting out there.
Fun day to your son!

posted November 11th, 2010  
Great shot.
posted November 12th, 2010  
My son really enjoys airsoft more than paintball. I've done paintball and it hurts when you get hit. It's harmless fun though.
posted November 22nd, 2010  
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