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It is hard to believe that this is now my umpteenth year with 365 ... I've lost count! 1st January 2010 was the first picture.
I'm a Parish Priest in Belfast ... so Saint Nicholas' will appear frequently in the photographs. The dog is Dougal ... another rescue dog from Assisi, the rescue centre near Bangor, County Down. The dog who is in the earlier pictures was Eliot, a faithful companion for 13 years.
I use the 365 photograph on an almost daily blog: therevandadog.blogspot.com and you're welcome to visit it. There are links to photographs of the church where I'm rector - a lovely little church on a busy road into the city.
hannamanor15@btinternet.com is my e-mail address should you wish to make contact.
The 365 Project has inspired me to focus more on the detail in pictures and I'm enjoying looking through the windows into the lives of you photographers. It is fun and stimulating.