Not Yet Ready For Skating!

My Husband and I just joined a Sports Club that has this Pond onSite!! I am looking foward to the shots I can get as the Season's turn...And Hopefully some Wild Life stopping to get a cool drink of water,or maybe a Family comming to Skate!..Can't Wait!..I need to rotate ..hold on!!
Go on, give it a go... It looked hard enough for skating from here... Nice capture.
posted January 23rd, 2012  
@agima Brendan Could you Please help me a little and tell me if my shots are any good...i am really looking for some critique...I need to learn about lighting and prosessing and editing. Im not asking for a lesson I just want to know what makes you the best Photographer in your opinion.... I am ok at the cropping and simple edits but i noticed alot of people use the words"nice processing " or great editing.I am getting very confused on what is a great SOOC or one that is enhanced...if you dont mind me asking what is your preference? From What i see from your Pictures ,,you do Excellent Lighting does that keep you from having to do all that processing everyone is talking about? I have Loved Photography since the Late 70s Took a few College course back then and developed our own photo's in the Dark room But with all of this new computer software and digital i feel like i am in the Dark..just not very educated in this area..Any way i would love to hear what you think and would appreciate your opinion...And if i was to Skate on that Pond today ..You wouldnt get to see one of my Beautiful Shots tommorrow .Because i would be Dead!! Oh Well maybe then i wouldnt worry so much!! LOL!
posted January 23rd, 2012  
More than happy to. If you put in the beginning of your comments/description that you want a critique I will be able to see it when I quickly zoom through and I will stop and comment with the idea of some advice. :)

Maybe something like "Critique Please!" as that may stand out.

It will also help in your description if you can put your intent of what you were trying to achieve with your photo. This will do two things 1) make you think about the photo which will translate into your mind so that when you are taking the photo are are thinking about this 2) I will know what you were thinking so I can take that into consideration when making comments.

what equipment do you have?

As a bit of homework go read up on the rule of thirds.

I love your questions and it is a good sign that you are reaching out to better your photographic skills. So I congratulate you on that as this makes you one of only a small percentage of photographers that do. :)

"if you dont mind me asking what is your preference?" Some years ago I thought that all the best photos in the world were SOOC, until I spent some time with an award winning photographer. He opened my eyes to many things, but the biggest thing that has changed the way I look at photos is that ALL photos are manipulated in such a way that is to the choosing of the photographer. So if you can take a photo and it converts the photo to black and white in the camera is that SOOC??

My preference is and as is the majority of the world even if they don't know it, is 99.999999% of photos need to be touched up on some level, it is the level of touching up is what is the personal preference. :)

Depending on the lighting I use and the feel I am after will depend on how much post I need to do. In short if I can get it right in camera first it reduces the time in post, so I try and make the light perfect so things like the eyes are light correctly or areas that I dont want lite are not. You can do this after in post but it is much easier and quicker to do it on the original image. On average it will take me about 1 hour in post, but it can take up to 8 hours on a photo that needs a lot of work.

posted January 23rd, 2012  
Wow now that is What i call an answer to my questions!!..Now let me answer some of your Question's and let you know that i appreciate your time..O.K. Point 1 and 2 taken i will Ask for Critique and Post Intent....Point #3.What Equipment do i have: D90,2(600) Nikon speedlights , remote control,tripod.and backdrop's not to mention my 13 Beautiful Grandchildren that i am 3000 miles away from right now (and they are my favorite subjects next to landscape and natural/nature shots.).Portrait Photography Life in Motion type shots and Landscape photography are my passions .I have a 50mm.18-105mm, and 70-300mm Nikon lens's and a few polarizing filters.. catching an expression is what i love to do the most .I think that is why i am so attracted to your work....I need more lights but i dont know how to work the ones i have..that is the reason for the classes....i am terrible in math and fractions scare me so i tend to use only natural lighting or some after in post if i dont get it right or to my liking ( and im sure you have noticed Im a terrible speller too I must have been absent the whole1st grade or daydreaming somewhere...)Another excuse i throw out there is I was a Nurse for 25 years or more and we were trained to abbreviate everything ,thus adding to my terrible grammer.. Ok so now that you hopefully dont think i am illiterate i will go on.!!

I have read and read about the rule of thirds but i dont believe i have ever put it into practice,,Im thinking you have noticed that is a good thing something to work on to help make me a better photographer right there!!

I have been going back and forth on this SOOC in my mind since i have started on this site..I never even saw This Abbreviation untill here..So Im thinking Mostly all that i do is straight out of the camera cause like you said you can turn a picture crop add light , ect...right in your camera but this just occured to me today.So Much of the stuff i have seen or have been following is somewhat unreal looking to me...and for some reason that bothers me but for the most part like you said ..Most use it and love it..Maybe that is where I show my age and the fact that i like Old things and the look of something that is natural more then unatural...then i see somethiing real Cool looking and im woundering how did they do that I want to know! This is where my confusion comes in..for me anyway..I have always been one not to judge and " To each its own"is my normal attitude,.."Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"..So why am I having such trouble with this?? ..I need a Psychiatrist instead of a Photographer maybe!! LOL!!.But maybe i have been reading to much of the negative stuff on this site...and most of the negative comments i have read about post prossesing has been on the discussion groups on here...and most of them act like they are the "real Photographers"..the Magazine i worked for for 2 years before i left the state did a ton of Post Prossesing and I loved what they did with my photos

I guess my last answer is actually a Question...Can i still do Beautiful Photograohy without all of the Lighting Equipment and Just some Post processing ? Or am i only going to be just ok? My Personal Preferance would be to Be the Best Photographer that i can be..But do you think i have the eye for it like i think i do? ..This is definitly not my best work ..I think i have spent more time on the computer finding where i saved my photo then i did taking the picture and prossesing and posting all together !,,Any suggestions there???

Before i left My last job working with a magazine doing Advertising Photography ....I did all the shooting and they did all the Processing so i never learned anything...but they could Take my Photo and Make it look Unbelievable..They took all the Credit also..I have never charged or charged enough for my work...well that all being said i think i needed to bounce some of this off of someone i believe will give me a straight answer and Im glad i chose you...Now that you know my situation a little better and you know my goals are higher i believe you and other's here can help me ...You already have..Thankyou :) and i hope at least some of this makes sence to you ..i tend to go off subject when i write...i probably talk off subject to... if truth be known..:) Please keep the critique coming!

posted January 23rd, 2012  
Well thanks for giving me a detailed response. If you can do me another favour when you reply to me can you select the reply link. This means I get a notification and I can respond. :)

If you dont there is a very high chance that I will find it difficult to know that you responded. :)

Well you have all the gear and it sounds like you have the experience, we just need to put it together.

Let me answer some of your questions. You can be a fantastic photographer without any lighting and a small amount of post, but it is kind of an opened ended question. some styles require more post than others.

You say you want to do landscapes and portraits. These require different skills but still the same. If this is the style you want to take and want to be good at stop taking photo of everything else and ONLY take landscape and portrait.

So I put it to you.

Over the next week only take these types of photo and dont settle for anyting less!!! I know I could take a photo of a cup which I had my coffee in it and that would be my photo of the day, but would that make me a better portrait photographer and push me so as to use my skills?? No it would not and that is why I dont take photos of cups....

So go out and take your best landscape and portrait photo and I will give you some guidance on them.

Do you think you can do that for me?
posted January 24th, 2012  
@agima Hi Brendan hope you had a better day ..sorry about not hitting the reply button ..That one Brain Cell is working overtime!!... Hey I like all of your ideas and i agree with everything you said...Im beating myself over the head that i am stuck here someday's and the weather is so cold...but i will do only landscape and portraits for this whole week. I did go out today and got some landscape shots i would like you to look at , Now remember this is stuff i like to photograph ( i have a thing about Barns and Tree's and Grass/weeds ) So i hope you wont get bored...I have a Question...What kind of Photography is your favorite you do it Professionally or on the side or just because you love it ? I am hoping to have some people/kids to work with here shortly....i am basically alone 20 out of 24 hours a day...Thaks again for your Critique! I will Post later!:)
posted January 24th, 2012  
@agima I saw that you answered one of my Questions above.. The first time i read it i thought you were just using it as an example..So it all makes sensce now are Strictly a Portrait Photographer?
posted January 24th, 2012  
Me, I photography all sorts of stuff. For example I would normally photograph products for websites and I develop, however I also do events - mainly horse events - but weddings, parties. I also photograph buildings for corporate.

I am photographing models for their portfolios and mine, not to mention everything that I come in contact with.

Now having said all that I am very much concentrating on portraits and the effective and creative lighting of portraits. I can normally be found on-location with portable studio lighting, so I can get that studio look outside. I love the story telling portraits and really want to push myself in this area, hence my daily pictures. :)

So you say you are alone 20 hours a day.... that would mean you have about 10 a day to practice portraits on yourself???
posted January 25th, 2012  
Now that would be a challenge...but noT impossible..we will see :)..ok this first one i am posting was initially a drive bye..The scene caught my eye..Not untill i started prosessing it did i realize there was 3 cross's at the top of the hill...Only slight cropping done.,auto correct light and dark.. auto brightness and contrast and auto enhance color that is it ..Now what would you do...I really like this shot i just dont know how to crop it..still undecided so i left it pretty much like the original nice :P
I will post it in my secound album so i can post more then one at a time..but you only get one tonight .its my turn to be exhausted:...good day!
And Thank you:)
posted January 25th, 2012  
@agima I did it again!!!:0..I left you a message under your most recent..Im so tired... please forgive me....
posted January 25th, 2012  
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