13th March 2019 by emmadurnford

13th March 2019

Today was a very sad day.

For a few weeks now my hamster Washington has been in a slow decline. Normally hamsters look a bit moth eaten and then quietly pass away after a few days. Washington is a fighter though and he has hung in there getting bigger and bigger and less mobile. We have been delivering food and liquids to him in his ‘nest’ which is keeping him going. However I made the decision last night that his quality of life is not good and whereas before I thought he was just uncomfortable, I think he is now in some pain. I prepared a box to take him to the vets in and as a passing gift he sank his teeth into my finger! He is so gentle normally so I know he is not feeling himself.

The vet was very understanding and agreed with me that the time has come. She also explained that he could keep going for a couple of weeks as we are feeding him which would I think be quite cruel. Poor Washington, Colin dig a large deep hole and he is buried with his furry ancestors in our back garden with a couple of Muscari flowers marking his grave. This is before I dusted the piano behind his house… RIP Washington Hamster.
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March 18th, 2019  
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