3rd November 2019 by emmadurnford

3rd November 2019

We were pretty tired this morning after our 1.30am return from Sussex. The first thing was to hang out all of our clothes as they were so smokey from the bonfire and fireworks last night. I also had a pile of washing again.

In the afternoon I knuckled down and wrote the first draft of my letter to James Daunt in protest at the way I was treated on Friday. I have endured years of problems with just this store and as there appears little chance of me ever returning it is worth a final shot in case a member of staff high up the ladder can intervene. I also thought they may be interested in the number of booksellers in the store who sell their own cards and prints in the store.

The heater that I had ordered for the plants also arrived long with the thermostat. We are hoping to keep the plants alive more effectively over this winter by putting them in the garage with a heater that is activated when it reaches about 6 degrees. It seems to work quite well so we have fingers crossed the money plants and lemon geranium will survive and be a lot healthier in the Spring next year.
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