18th February 2020 by emmadurnford

18th February 2020

This morning it was back over to East Sheen to the optician again. Since my dash just before we went away, my right eye has not improved and I now have a permanent blurred spot right in the centre of my field of vision. Potentially it could be treated by laser and I have a referral letter but the problem is whether it can be done on the NHS and when.

We drove back via the pet shop in Stanley Road as I wanted a new rolly ball for Sydney but I tripped and almost fell getting out of the car because of a dodgy kerb stone, it really jolted me and I felt rough for the rest of the day.

This is my film noire approach later this afternoon - it could be a sinister image of someone attempting a break in. Alternatively it could be our nice neighbour Jamie up our ladder clearing the blocked gutter whilst it started raining in the cold. He’s a good person!

Positive - first step completed towards sorting out my eye problem
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