19th June 2020 by emmadurnford

19th June 2020

Day 87 of lock down.

A trip to Sainsbury's in the morning very exciting.

This afternoon I'm knocked up what must be my eight or ninth batch of Cornish Fairings. Following family advice I decided to try and remove the small ‘Black fly like’ creatures on the two chilli plants I have been nurturing in the bathroom. I was using white vinegar but unfortunately had no advice that I needed to dilute the mix after spending some time removing the little creatures, the plant suddenly drooped and looked like it was going to die altogether. I sprayed it with fresh water outside and watered it, adding a little more soil - fingers crossed it may recover but it does not look good.

On a brighter note we tried ordering fish and chips again from the place we have discovered onto Kingston Road. It was a short, properly socially distanced queue and despite ordering a smaller portion this time we had masses and it was absolutely delicious and piping hot.

42,461 PHE total dead in the UK (up 173)
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