23rd June 2020 by emmadurnford

23rd June 2020

Day 91 of lock down

I now have all 25 images for my montage I'm pleased that I managed to take virtually all of them over the past week and I only had to resort to using one of my archive images. That is because there is currently no access to the lock Island due to Covid 19 restrictions . I did attempt to take the ‘Little Ships’ memorial with a long lens but in the pouring rain of a few days ago and the metal barrier in front, it just did not work. I think I can be excused for this.

In the afternoon I discovered that the software I had hoped to use to create a montage did not support using more than 16 images on the free version. As I definitely had no intentions of paying I started to play around with the Keynote software on the Mac that John Rusling - Colin’s golfing friend - had recommended a few days earlier. I found an excellent YouTube video and using this it was really quite easy to pull together the montage. Fingers crossed it looks good after printing.

This afternoon it was the last government Covid19 briefing. It was hosted by Boris Johnson and he revealed his plans - that have been gradually leaked over the last week - of how the lockdown will gradually be relaxed. The best news of all is that from 4 July two families can meet and stay in each other's houses which means that I will finally be able to travel down and see Mum and Ian in Cornwall. Other relaxations include pubs and restaurants reopening if they can put the safety procedures in place. People only have to stay 1 meter apart now although there is no updated guidance on wearing masks in shops where to be quite honest, there is the greatest risk of contamination. The Scientific Advisers are quite clearly not happy and made frequent references to the risks that still exist. Let's all hope that people can be sensible (vain hope!) and we will not have a second wave of infections as people fear.

Tuna steak and chips this evening followed by another couple of episodes of Peaky Blinders.

42,927 PHE total dead in the UK (up 171)
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