4th August 2020 by emmadurnford

4th August 2020

Day 132 of semi lock down.

We decided to take a walk along the river today, braving Teddington footbridge which has had a number of problems recently with youngsters congregating across the bridge and jumping in the river. There have been a number of accidents.

On route to the river I dropped off another print that I have framed to the Landmark Centre. With fingers crossed for a sale, I thought they had better have another in case they gain an empty space! Later in the day a woman who contact me a number of weeks ago on Twitter got back in touch apologising for her lack of contact as on holiday. She seems keen to buy a print and luckily I have one left with me. I am waiting for further advice from her as to her delivery address and also if she wants the print framed. The Art Salon which I will be visiting on Saturday is looking really good and I am proud that my framed print has pride of place in the entrance foyer along with other great prints.

We headed over the footbridge and luckily there were not too many other people and indeed there was a community police office on duty standing waiting for any misbehaviour. This is a fairly clear footbridge as we began our walk to the other side.

The river walk was lovely and only the second time we have managed it since we went into lock down. There were quite a few youngsters swimming in the river but they were all upstream so probably a lot safer if you don’t think about the possibility of picking up Leptospirosis or Wiles disease!!

We went into John Lewis for the first time since the beginning of March. Very good safety procedures were in place and although I did not feel like browsing, I did purchase a new running top in a large size which I should be able to fit into for when we make a return to the Couch 2-5-K!

We walked back through Bushy park an dColin celebrated with a coconut ice cream from the cafe in the Kings Field. The park looks more like the Serengeti as the ground and grass is so dry. We spotted some of this years fawns hiding amongst the trees as well. A good walk and by the time we reach home we had achieved nearly 14,000 footsteps!

46,299 PHE total dead in UK (up 89)

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