9th January 2021 by emmadurnford

9th January 2021

Day 297 since the start of the 1st lock down.

Today I made fat ball cakes for the birds as we cannot get to the shops to buy them as usual. I devised an incredibly clever system using a stick out of Sydney Hamster’s snack box and an old Chinese container that I bored a hole in for string. I then set up a photo studio in the back bedroom to photograph my greeting cards for my Etsy shop.

Later in the afternoon Colin was suffering the sneezing episode again which seems like an allergy but we have no idea from what.

The bad news is that my friends Julia and Roy who own The Card Collection shop that stocks my cards have both been positively diagnosed with Covid and Roy who has been ill for over 4 days had to go into hospital as his oxygen levels were so low. Luckily they let him out again the same day but they are both suffering. They are not sure where they caught it as their hygiene controls in the shop are really good. Julia thinks she may have picked it up from a trip to Tescos but I’m not sure. I really hope they recover well as there are so many features on the news of people who are suffering very badly.

The day ended with freezing fog swirling around the lamp outside.

80,868 PHE dead (1,035 dead in the last 24 hours)
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