18th February 2021 by emmadurnford

18th February 2021

Day 336 since the start of the 1st lock down.

Probably the biggest news of the day is that the local park Lane Stables appeared on the BBC Breakfast broadcast as they are desperately trying to raise a million pounds to buy the stables as their lease is up in May and the landlord want to sell the lad for redevelopment. I have donated twice to the appeal and have done my best to promote and raise awareness of their appeal. They had already managed to raise over half a million but when they went on the show they were around the £700k mark. Then it was amazing as the total was visibly going up as I watched… suddenly they were at 985k and then within a few minutes has reached the one million. Twitter went wild and when I checked later in the day the total including gift aid is now close to 1.3 million.

No decorating today as I decided yesterday not to paint the backs of the book cases. I was determined to find the rest of Hester’s cards ready to frame and on my second look through bags of saved Christmas cards in the loft and Colin spotted the 4 missing designs - hooray - all ten designs located!

I had a second attempt to sort out my print and called the print studio. The engineer was really helpful and on his suggestion to use Photoshop, i had a quick Google and managed to find a method of changing the perspective and reloading the image to the website. Result at long last.
Lovely composition against the textured background
February 22nd, 2021  
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