20th February 2021 by emmadurnford

20th February 2021

Day 337 since the start of the 1st lock down.

We got up at a fairly reasonable time this morning as Gill had arranged to come and collect the glass DVD stands at about 10 o’ clock. I am very relied as we carefully brought them downstairs last night and I am paranoid that i am going to accidentally smash them whilst they are in the hall. I had time to nip out with the large wrapped boot box and drop it off at the local Royal Mail sorting office getting proof of postage for the buyer who has already paid up. Quick stop for the Guardian and some milk at Budgens and I was back with 15 minutes to spare.

Gill arrived and with masks I helped her get the stands into the car as she had her dog Ella in the boot and son Oliver in the front seat! I was very relieved to see the glass cases finally leave… not my responsibility any more and Chris has done very well as he is now £135 up - that could have gone nicely in our holiday fund!!

In the afternoon we shifted my chest of drawers into the spare room in preparation for lifting the carpet tomorrow and splitting the bed in two prior to the carpet being fitted on Monday morning. Afterwards I finally got around to changing our gas and electricity supplier from Octopus whom we have been very happy to Avro which although does not have an app, will save us about £120 a year after the new contract kicks in so it was a ‘no brainer’.

A fact that popped up on my phone today is that it was on this day 5 years ago in 2016 that David Cameron first announced he was going to hold a Referendum on whether we should leave Europe. What a fated day and all based a promised he made to ensure the Conservatives won the last election. What a totally idiotic idea and what a disaster it has been so far. I cannot remember the last time the shelves shops were fully stocked with a wide range of products. Some companies no longer send products to Europe and vice versa and the cost of everyday items is already going up. I’ waiting for all the amazing benefits that the Brexiteers were promising… still waiting… tumbleweed has just rolled by…
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