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2017: I learned this past year that the daily post is difficult for me, but I'm not leaving this place. It motivates me and I have loved this community since I first tried it out 7 years ago with a P&S back in 2010! I will be semi-regular as time allows. I'm wanting to use the various challenges, word themes, etc., as something to push me this year.

At any rate, I'm just a Texas woman who loves the beauty that is found all around her. I'm working with a Nikon D5000 and have an 18-55, 18-105, and a 50mm which I adore!. I just want to have fun and explore creativity through this medium.

For my get-pushed partners, here's what I've done for "get-pushed":
-portrait that shows emotion
-still life that depicts my interests
-water refraction shot
-high key shot
-something surreal-dreamlike-not real
-light source is not the sun or flash
-still life with objects around the house
-straight down POV from high up
-forced perspective
-street photography
-high key shot
-interpret the word 'warm'
-depict a narrative that has to do with my house move
-long exposure
-dreamy pic
-low-key shot

See them here:

Popular page shots:

Shots that have made the weekly theme top 5: