Sunshine after the rain

Today was a big day for me. I have worked at the same place for 18 years but today I handed in my notice. Don't worry I've not given up my job to pursue any kind of photographic career. I will simply spend a few months with my children then look for something else.
It was a very hard decision which literally took years to make but today people have said that I look better, that my voice is lighter and that I won't regret it. The sun today felt like a gift to help me be more positive.
Your 100th follower ..... Love the intense colours here.
posted April 30th, 2012  
congratulations on your big decision. It sounds like you are very happy with it. Lovely lighting and colours in this photo.
posted April 30th, 2012  
Congratulations - enjoy spending quality time with your children!
posted April 30th, 2012  
Congratulations. Enjoy the time with your children, and then take your time to find your new path.
Beautiful colour tones in the flowers. Very pretty.
posted April 30th, 2012  
very pretty. What a big step , good for you
posted May 1st, 2012  
Wonderful color! Good luck - change can be good!

posted May 1st, 2012  
Beautiful shot.... I am happy you made the decision...... I made the decision almost a year ago and can not telll you how happy I am now.... but it was very hard for me
posted May 1st, 2012  
Wonderful shot. Best of luck to you!
posted May 1st, 2012  
beautiful shot, and congrats to you for doing what is best for you!!!
posted May 1st, 2012  
Gorgeous shot! Congratulations on making such a difficult decision. Have fun spending time with your children. Then, I hope you find a great job.
posted May 1st, 2012  
Such courage...take care and all the best..
posted May 1st, 2012  
This is gorgeous!
posted May 2nd, 2012  
Well done - good choice!
posted May 4th, 2012  
Congratulations - I decided to stay at home for several years when my children were young, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Enjoy the time! This is a beautiful shot!!
posted May 6th, 2012  
@elizabeth Thanks for the comment and the follow!
@scooter Thank you lovely!
@roachling @ktmac12 @redrucksack @sarasdadandmom @mabuss @photos222 @madamelucy @laurentye @daisy @tsingtao @altarstones @allred Thank you all for the lovely comments and the best wishes. They are much appreciated x
posted May 7th, 2012  
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