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Atfer some thought I have decided to give the project another go though I will not be able to take a picture every day. I enjoyed doing the project back in 2012 and I hope to gain more experience with using my camera and lens. I like to take pictures of birds and other wildlife and land scape type shots. Hope to learn more about exsposure and shutter speeds in manual mode and Av and get correct levels in the histogram and to understand what is going on.

Hi I live in a little town in Dorset England I'am married and have a teenaged son .
I like to go fishing and on walks so hopefully I can capture some of the Dorset scenes. I also keep tropical fish and have three tanks running at present all the fish I keep can be found in lake Tanganyika one of the great rift lakes of Africa.To all my followers and those that have commented on my photos I thank you all for getting me through the project.