Quiet Time

I wish I could just sit
by this window
in this "bean bag" chair
at the lake house
alongside quiet cicada rattle
with my coffee, reading about poetry
through all the hours of the day.
Perfect way to spend a day.
posted August 27th, 2016  
let me join you, and we could discuss all the poems we read. :-)
posted August 27th, 2016  
Sigh...yes, idyllic!
posted August 27th, 2016  
Gorgeous luxury setting MaryBeth, I agree with you!
posted August 27th, 2016  
@summerfield come on down! Since they talk about how to read poems I only read about 5 today. Interesting book. It was in the giveaway or throw away like at school.
posted August 28th, 2016  
Why can't you now that you are retired?! Let me know when @summerfield comes and I will join you!
posted August 28th, 2016  
Awesome shot
posted August 28th, 2016  
@grammyn Sure thing! I am not really retired yet. I work until Aug. 31 which is this coming Wednesday. So right now, I am still working and commuting and all that. But...much less stressful. Once I made the art lesson plans, it is a rotation type thing so the next week, a new class comes in and I can reteach that plan again. And no papers to grade. No stress except it is noisy all day and I only get 25 minutes to eat lunch once the classes start coming in at 8:20, but I do get from 7:30 to 8:20 to plan, etc.. It's all good! Three more days....But people do keep forgetting that I do intend to get a job ..maybe just not for a few months or so....maybe January.... But I still should have more time to read....without all that "at home" work and commuting.
posted August 28th, 2016  
@espyetta any job you get should be lots less intense and more of a 9-5 day instead ot a 7-10day!
posted August 29th, 2016  
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