Frozen in Time

This was one of the most interesting (to me) things I have seen on a nature walk. I walked through part of our lake property, which is very grown up and hard to maneuver through. There is a huge magnolia (the tree we in the South call a magnolia..with the big white blossoms and big, shiny green leaves) there, and there were some brown, dead limbs and leaves amidst the green ones. I was looking at those, and saw this!

As I shot photos, I realized this wasp had to be dead since there was no movement at all.

To get a good angle, I finally tried to break off a small dead branch, and that dislodged this wasp, making him/her fall to the forest floor.

Don't wasps seal up their nests once the eggs are in the chambers? What season, I wonder, do they lay these eggs? What happened to this wasp?
I will probably never know.

I guess I can check the nest again, but I assume the eggs won't make it.

I found this on wikipedia about social wasp/egg laying/nest creation:
I guess she had just started this nest. IF that is even the queen. Maybe it was a worker. But the article says that the queen starts a nest the size of a walnut and lays her
"After emerging from hibernation during early summer, the young queens search for a suitable nesting site. Upon finding an area for their colony, the queen constructs a basic wood fiber nest roughly the size of a walnut into which she will begin to lay eggs."

I saw so many cool things this day, but this was my favorite.

I am very behind, but I am just posting Sunday, April 20's pics to night. Since I have 5 pics I liked from that nature walk that day. Then I have " single shots" on iphone I can post really quickly for Mon-Wed that I can post tomorrow.

Still trying to hang on to my dedication to "photo a day for a year" thing. It is exhausting! But I am addicted.

I love all youze guyze! Take care!

** tagged for theme-community because a paper wasp nest like this is a little community.....

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This is a fabulous find
posted April 24th, 2014  
great find! i don't think i've ever seen wasp's eggs.
posted April 24th, 2014  
Such an interesting photo! Love the eggs and detail in the wasp. You really do get some fascinating subjects and they are always so well done!
posted April 24th, 2014  
Fantastic close up
posted April 24th, 2014  
Cool! Those eggs are so tiny!
posted April 24th, 2014  
Fantastic capture
posted April 24th, 2014  
So interesting and great shot!
posted April 24th, 2014  
Love it such detail
posted April 24th, 2014  
This IS very interesting. I thought those eggs looked like little white jelly beans so I looked it up and sure enough that's what they look like. Great shot.
posted April 24th, 2014  
I wouldn't be that close. I have allergies. You are so brave
posted April 24th, 2014  
Wow - that is a really awesome close up - perhaps good she was dead or she would have not been happy to see you. Very cool to read about and see!
posted April 24th, 2014  
His head reminds me of the aliens in the movie Independence Day!
posted April 24th, 2014  
posted April 24th, 2014  
Very interesting and great focus
posted April 24th, 2014  
posted April 24th, 2014  
Fabulous shot and research MaryBeth...
posted April 24th, 2014  
Wow, GREAT shot.
posted April 24th, 2014  
Fab macro
posted April 24th, 2014  
Great macro, wonderful pov fav
posted April 25th, 2014  
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