Don't Breathe

Back a little bit to the Land of Living after my gallbladder removal surgery on Sept. 9. Perk of retirement- can go to a movie matinee with my niece on a weekday. Just what I needed. I could not eat though. Ate toast and turkey before we left the house. I really am having digestive issues since the surgery.
I hate that we're just now finding out about it. I have to assume that everything turned out OK even though you're still having digestive issues
posted September 22nd, 2016  
@grammyn saw surgeon Monday. He said he thinks in time my issues will go away. It turned out to be cholesterolosis.... "Strawberry gallbladder." Cholesterol crystals form in the walls of the GB and they look like strawberry seeds. Weird huh? So he says it may be a while but I should get back to a better place
posted September 22nd, 2016  
I seem to remember on hubby's gall bladder removal that the digestion issues didn't last long! A nice smile for you from her!
posted September 22nd, 2016  
What @grammyn said! I've been gone a lot, including wedding of Daughter #2! When my appendix came out in '01, surgeon said gall bladder would have to come out eventually, but so far so good. How are you doing NOW???
posted October 13th, 2016  
If that's you MaryBeth, you do look good. Take it easy. Back to normal in no time.
posted October 19th, 2016  
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