Poked in the Pokeberries

I left school very late. Very stressed, as usual. My "down time" is to stand near the car,and at least shoot a pic or two with my iphone. I did have my DSLR. I was not getting much of anything, so I decided to take a macro of a newly forming Pokeberry berry inside the white flower. These are really tiny. I held it up and got a pic. It is in album 3 for today.

If you look at that shot in Album 3, you can see this yellow/brown thing under neath the main berry/bloom. That is the Ambush bug.

He was tiny and he blended in with the stems. They are yellow and brown.

I was so excited to see another one. I plucked the stem of flowers off so I could turn it in the light and get the sun (setting) on the right places.

Then I realized the ambush bug was sticking and killing a fruit fly type thing. Oh wow.

These Ambush bugs have been likened to gargoyles. Yep. I can see it.

As I shot upwards into the sky, I thought of @rach_who. That seems to be her signature shot..bug macro from below.

I got one shot from the other side that shows his "Popeye" like huge biceps/claws he used to hold the fly. Scary dude.

I am posting this on Sept. 18 so I won't wait too long to post it. Thought it was cool. I have to fill in Sept. 13-17 this weekend. And try not to get behind again! Ugh.

More of the Pokeberry plant and the bug

Video of the bug:

They are incredible tiny predators aren't they.I had them this year and last in my Black-eyed Susan Patch.It is a jungle out there in miniature! Fav
posted September 19th, 2014  
Wow! Sometimes the tiniest things are so fascinating and you always manage to notice them.
posted September 19th, 2014  
posted September 19th, 2014  
Wow great catch, you should tag this CSC14-14 for the macro challenge. Fav :-)
posted September 19th, 2014  
Fabulous detail
posted September 19th, 2014  
Awesome shot
posted September 19th, 2014  
Great shot
posted September 19th, 2014  
He is an amazing creature
posted September 19th, 2014  
Amazing capture, but slightly freaky! :)
posted September 19th, 2014  
Great closeup.
posted September 19th, 2014  
Oh gosh Mary Beth, that is one awesome capture. Fav
posted September 20th, 2014  
Ack, this is crazy!!! Cool capture.
posted September 20th, 2014  
Great viewpoint! Very David Attenborough (do you have him over there?)
posted September 21st, 2014  
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