Bronze Beads

Have not even been lugging my camera to the lake on weekends.

This day, it was kind of sunny and nice so I put my macro lens on my iPhone and took a walk about.

I found these eggs (mostly empty) on the underside of a magnolia leaf. Looked up what they are and they say it is a type of Leptoglossus
Or I guess what they call a "leaf
Footed bug." I do see adults like this on this very tree so that makes sense.

I wonder if they are from last year? If not, why did they hatch in winter?

Other pics of them

Here is identification of the eggs
Great detail.
posted February 8th, 2016  
My first guess was right but then I knew you were all about the bugs! Wonderful close up images, MB!
posted February 8th, 2016  
A nice idea, nature's jewelry
posted February 9th, 2016  
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