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I have always enjoyed taking pictures. In fact, when I was a child I spent my first tips on an automatic analog camera for myself. I still keep it although it has broken lens.

I started this project to learn a little bit more about photography. Also, to use a camera that my father gave to me some years ago, to which I wasn't paying much attention. I work with a Kodak C875 zoom digital camera.

To have an acceptable picture every single day is not being that easy as I thought but is giving to me very and many nice surprises. I am learning a lot of things, not only from the photographic point of view. I am enjoying the fact that an "every-day-task" push me towards "profitable horizons" I didn't imaging I would be.

Also, I wanted to show to myself that to get nice images one doesn't need the best machinery, it can be enough to have a normal camera together with passion and devotion. Of course, If I could I would buy myself a Canon reflex :-) anyway!

My regular procedure is to use manual settings and mostly the automatic menu during the day light. I never use flash and I never shot directly. Instead, I use the 2 second timer delay in order to get sharp images. Rarely I use the zoom. Sometimes I process the image with a free-distribution program, modifying exposure, contrast etc ...

I like to take shots of animals, nature, action, people ... anything can be interesting ...