Waiting for Bats by evalieutionspics

Waiting for Bats

Every night when I get the girls from the aviary, Wilbur drives me batty by barking at the bats. Pun intended. I think he thinks they are rats that have taken flight; he hates rats with a passion. This year, we have a lot more bats than we have ever had. This is a good thing. It means we don't have the wee little midges that have made my life a living hell every summer we have lived here. It also means that we can no longer leave clothes on the clothes line overnight! 😜
I was hoping to catch a bat against the horizon. They had been flying back and forth over the field next door the whole time I set up my tripod. They must have eaten all the bugs. I like the colors and the sharpness of the leaves against the softness of the background.
I love to see bats for the same reason, less bugs! They are very difficult to capture because of the fading light and their erratic flight patterns, not to mention that they are rather stealthy.
August 2nd, 2017  
It's a lovely image, but a pity the bats stopped flying while you set up.
August 2nd, 2017  
Lovely colours
August 2nd, 2017  
Love the sharp contrast the leaves make against the gorgeous sunset!
August 3rd, 2017  
Fav. I travelled to Austin, Texas to see the bats fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge...1.5 million, though I didn't count them! :)
August 4th, 2017  
Just gorgeous, fav.
August 4th, 2017  
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