Stages of Desiccation by evalieutionspics

Stages of Desiccation

One day while I was swimming laps, I was slurfling all the leaves, palm flowers and ficus fruit toward the skimmers when I noticed all the intricate wrinkles on the ficus fruit. It looked like the Cornelli lace my Grandma Schwertfeger used to pipe on cakes when she decorated cakes. It was one of my favorite techniques. I decided then that I would try to capture them in a photo. As I set about gathering the perfect fruit, I realized that the wrinkles depended on how long the fruit had been off the tree, so I tried to gather a variety based on new to old. The newest one, I picked from the tree.
The dogs think that ficus fruit was put on this earth to supplement their woefully inadequate feeding schedule. Hah! Between the ficus and the palm pips, I don't know why I bother to buy dog food! Seriously, you should hear them crunch crunch crunching their way around the garden!
I like that the color deepens the longer it has been off the tree and that the size gets smaller.
Love it ...
August 6th, 2017  
Fantastic image!
August 7th, 2017  
Creative and interesting!
August 11th, 2017  
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