December Words - Silhouette

The moon was full and bright and just starting to reach the horizon when I had to leave on my bus run this morning. I was able to grab a quick shot of it with trees framing it as I hopped into the bus.
So frustrating! I was watching it sink lower and lower close by awesome foregrounds, wishing I could stop to take the picture but bus drivers must keep a schedule.
Oh well, there will always be more super moons for me to look forward to!
On the bonus side, this shot perfectly fits this week's 52 week challenge - Blue Hour - so there!
Love it!
posted December 5th, 2017  
This is beautiful, I think it must have been hand held. Incredible! Fav.
posted December 5th, 2017  
Yes, it was hand held. The sun was just beginning to come up so there was some ambient light. I also pushed the ISO to 400 so that I could keep the shutter speed for a hand held shot. Wish I could have spent more time this morning ... it was beautiful!
posted December 5th, 2017  
Such a lovely shot. I love the detail on the moon.
posted December 5th, 2017  
posted December 5th, 2017  
Pretty moon, you are rather lucky to have to get up to capture stunning shots like this! Lolling in bed is no good!
posted December 5th, 2017  
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