Remember these selfies?

My signature. Lol. It’s been 5 years since I came to 365. In 2013 I completed my first and only TRUE 365 project - did not skip a day, posted a pic on the ACTUAL DAY I took it - no cheating. (Cuz some of y’all cheat - not hating or judging, just sayin’.) It was fun and hard and probably only about 5% of the pics were actually good. The rest were diary kind of shots, including these partial selfies that I loved and still love to do. I’ve tagged them all for your convenience lol. #lipselfie-ftw

A lot of the people I interacted with daily are not really around anymore. This place, while still familiar to me, is also strange now. I miss it but I don’t.

Anyway! Happy Tuesday to you all!
always nice to see you have stopped by, the personnel changes and effort has to be made to renew engagement but its still the same positive place.

this selfie has an added eyebrow raising twist with the pleat illusion :)
posted July 17th, 2018  
your partial selfies are very captivating
posted July 17th, 2018  
@kali66 thanks! It still is a great place here. Just trying to see if I have it in me to do another 365 so I can feel a part of the community again....
posted July 18th, 2018  
Oh, I cheat all the time. Still I love it - and I'd love to see you around again, your pictures have always been cool.
posted July 18th, 2018  
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