This is a bit like Ghostbusters, but Sigourney Weaver floated above a bed. Composition brings up lots of questions: Did you first go into the light? Why use toe polish? Are you grave-hopping? Inquiring minds want / need to know these things!
posted May 22nd, 2017  
Very, very, very well done. A bit eerie but, that's it, right? Excellent and a fav!
posted May 22nd, 2017  
Ha very cool Breia!
@mikegifford LOL interesting questions you have!!
posted May 22nd, 2017  
great concept and well done.

@mikegifford - mike, how in heaven's name do you see toe polish? :-D
posted May 23rd, 2017  
@summerfield @mikegifford Haha. I had the same question about toe polish.... How did you notice that Mike?!

Great job Breia! This is awesome.
posted May 24th, 2017  
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