go ahead, make my day! by fiveplustwo

go ahead, make my day!

have we scandalized you yet, our british friends, with this 'bugger' theme?

having lived in four continents, i know that a word can mean a myriad of things in other parts of the world. for example, 'bugger off' in britain has almost the same connotation as 'f**k off' in america.

Words are funny things...in NZ "bugger" is no longer a swear word, and hasn't been for some time, but will be met with amusement more often than not. Toyota even have an entire series of Television adverts with a Bugger theme.
I remember when we moved to the UK and my daughter started school, we had to make a preemptive apology to the teachers to let them know that she could say "bugger" with no warning at all.
December 20th, 2018  
Eeeeeeeek! Remind me not to tick you off!
December 20th, 2018  
Great title and image.
December 20th, 2018  
I was thinking the exact same thing that @northy said. You look very menacing here! And yet so beautiful
December 20th, 2018  
My goodness! You look very serious and mena. I think you mean business, and not the good kind.
December 21st, 2018  
Wow, what for a self portrait, Vikki! Fav! @summerfield
December 23rd, 2018  
@summerfield beautiful shot Vikki, very noir, and with your processing it's like a 50's crime film still :) very nice!
December 24th, 2018  
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