truth be told... by fiveplustwo

truth be told...

i haven't read a real book in years... i am a total kindle fan - everything from being able to read in the dark, change the font size to accommodate my aging eyes, download the next book in the series at 2am, and fit a whole dang library in my bag...

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i enjoyed the excuse to read these books to my sons when they were young
November 3rd, 2019  
i miss holding a book, feel the paper's textures and the smell of newsprint. but it is a delight to have to read (again and again) "the goldfinch" despite it being 800-plus pages long. aces on the shot, my friend. aces!
November 4th, 2019  
Not to mention the lightweight ease on your wrists! Even in paperback Harry Potter is a pretty hefty hold.
November 28th, 2019  
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