Sweet chilli jam by flowerfairyann

Sweet chilli jam

Made today with chillies and tomatoes from the garden. I bought Dan one chilli plant and his father then gave him 6 more. This is the first time we've grown them and the plants are covered so, with a glut of tomatoes too, we have made sweet chilli jam today.
You'd think that would be enough but pear chutney is now currently bubbling away on the hob. It's been a busy day.
Love your pov and trust the jam tastes delicious? Mine aren't anywhere near ripe yet!
September 9th, 2018  
just love sweet chilli jam! hope it's as good as it looks!
September 10th, 2018  
@janemartin I've had favourable comments so far and wish I could eat it but it's too hot for me. Looks like I could be making more though.
September 10th, 2018  
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