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Thanks for viewing my photos which I hope you enjoy. I will always try and add a personal "thank you" if you comment, but sometimes, it is not always possible.

I live in the UK and have been into photography for many many years and used to be the Chairperson at a local Camera Club.

In the last few years, I have reduced using my big DSLR favouring my iPhone, which I have with me wherever I go. My favourite shots are landscapes, seascapes, architecture and London Underground when I can get down to London.

I did a 365 project several years ago and thought I would do another this year 2019 as I have just upgraded my iPhone 6 to an XS max and having that extra lens creates a few more opportunities. I go out everyday and it is so easy to just whip the iPhone out of my pocket weh I come across something interesting. Sometimes , it is just a local walk and other times, I go further afield. Not being too far from the coast (around 25 miles) offers the choice of taking some nice seascape photos too.

This site looks like a great opportunity to post this years project and I just need to add photos I have taken so far this year to get into sync with the current date. Thanks for reading and viewing my photos.