Flashback by fourthreesixseven


Looking back has been a huge theme for the past 2 weeks here in my world... some things I'd put aside and decided that it wasn't worth the pain of revisiting. However, this past month, that's not been an option. I guess there are times that to move forward, one has to look at the past that brought you to the present.

I remember 2013 pretty vividly. That year I'd taken my first maternity portraits for a friend. We collaborated with creative ideas for her session, and I started falling more and more in love with portraiture and thinking about how that could be a path for me. Between 2013 and 2018, I'd started this drift back and forth between really wanting to do this, and being too afraid to try.

The universe can have a "funny" way of trying to get your attention. Now, I'm more afraid to not try. Website is up, but the facebook page definitely needs some attention, and I feel such an urgency to get it done, and at the same time, have no idea what to say.

That little baby in her belly is 5 now and just started kindergarten this year.

Hi Talea, I'm were you were in 2013 in the drift back and forth of really wanting to do this, I hate my day job but like the pay but not happy with it. I hope to get where you are today someday soon.
September 13th, 2018  
Love this image. Has a real vintage feel to it. I can so relate to that push /pull of wanting to try yet afraid to. 💙 To you, my friend and I look forward to seeing what you do!
September 17th, 2018  
September 18th, 2018  
Beautiful and powerful picture! I hope you'll find your way in following your hearts desire.
September 20th, 2018  
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