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Four countries. Three continents. Six timezones. Seven people.

Dee @aussiechic29 An Aussie girl who wanders.
Canon 5D mark ii and Samsung Note 8.

Geertje @geertje Dutch girl, who loves reading, her two little children, her husband and everything in nature. Sometimes I use the big Sony (almost always with the nifty fifty) and other times my liitle compact one (also Sony).

Craig @craigwantsnack Hairy chap from Southeast England.
Canon 700D and iPhone.

Ira @Ira German creature of the night, shitting rainbows.


Jenn @aikiuser California gal, Tim Burton freak. Favorite number: 44. Least favorite number: 45
Olympus E-M1 Mark II (because size matters)

Talea - *Sun worshiper * from nowhere * living in Colorado * dreams of lazy, quiet mornings with coffee*


Photographer friends who were a part of our project for a little while:

Lacey February 6th - March 13th

Heather @pixelchix February 2nd - May 18th