Tourists in Rome by frappa77

Tourists in Rome

I found my american cousins in 2014, after several attempts and researches... During these years, we kept in touch by email and messenger, hoping to be able to meet one day... It has happened this month! We finally meet, huged and knew each other...
I organized a tour for them and could visit Rome as a real tourist! Last time I have entered inside the Colosseum was more than 25 years ago... :)
looks enjoyable!
September 29th, 2019  
It has been great!
September 29th, 2019  
So fun to connect in real life, right? They must be appreciative of your efforts to make contact, too.
September 30th, 2019  
So special!
September 30th, 2019  
Such good thoughts, Francesca! Well done!
September 30th, 2019  
Everyone looks so happy!
October 1st, 2019  
@frappa77 @domenicododaro Won't we have a lot to talk about when we meet, Francesca! When we first shared an actual email, you told me about having American cousins, and now, here we are arriving on your doorstep a couple weeks of each other! Did my email make any sense? We have had so little wi-fi and I was trying to write in fits and starts! Domenico, I hope you'll forgive me that I didn't actually send an email after you so kindly reached out! And while we love sightseeing, we'd love just as much some time to walk and visit and take some of those requisite photos! We're very excited to meet!
October 1st, 2019  
@Weezilou Sure, Louise, please let me know the exact dates. I do really hope to meet you!
October 2nd, 2019  
My next selfie will be with you
@Weezilou, Ken and @domenicododaro... Can't wait for it! 😍 Ready to walk, visit and shooting with you! 😎
October 2nd, 2019  
@Weezilou I have read your emails, will answer to you soon! Ken's number saved and contact on FB found... 😎
October 3rd, 2019  
@frappa77 @Weezilou @domenicododaro -- lucky you three to look forward to time together! And @frappa77 I know what you mean about being a tourist in your own city, because I have had such a lovely summer of being a tourist in Chicago with all the company I have had, developing a whole new appreciation for my city. Fun, right?
October 8th, 2019  
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