Maddie ...

Continuing the stranger series ... This is Maddie I met walking down the street on an errand. Honestly it doesn’t take a lot of “stranger spotting talent” to know that she was an immediate candidate for portraiture.

Even as I approached her and requested her telling her about the project, she was absolutely ready. In fact, she had guessed that I was going to approach her for pictures when she saw me ahead. Personally, although she had a lot going on that made her very interesting, I will go with her beautiful smile and confidence as the standout accessory. Don’t you agree?

What a lovely smile. I asked a stranger for a shot yesterday (haven't posted it...maybe I will soon). But it didn't come out great. I choke under pressure.
posted April 27th, 2015  
@amandal I don't believe sure u will do great with strangers :-)
posted April 27th, 2015  
@friend2303 I'm uber friendly, just didn't want to fiddle much with camera...quick snap, and not a great or much focused one. I'll tag you.
posted April 27th, 2015  
Nice portrait!
posted April 27th, 2015  
Great portrait
posted April 27th, 2015  
Really like the pose and the subject. Great smile from a beautiful lady.
posted April 27th, 2015  
What a beauty! Great portrait!
posted April 27th, 2015  
Another great portrait, love the pose
posted April 27th, 2015  
Wonderful smile, capture
posted April 27th, 2015  
Beautiful capture Vijay!
posted April 28th, 2015  
Isn't that something, that she perceived your asking for a photo op before you even asked. Her smile and soft eyes get along well with your camera! Great job on this People Portrait Project.
posted April 28th, 2015  
absolutely agree with you - wonderful subject and picture
posted April 29th, 2015  
Lovely capture ...
posted May 14th, 2015  
She is amazing, and so is the portrait !
You meet great people thanks to your idea, I think it's great :)
posted May 27th, 2015  
Very pretty smile and face. And love the colorful accessories.
posted May 31st, 2015  
great capture, can feel it
posted October 6th, 2015  
Thanks for stopping by today, hope everything is ok w/ u:)
posted July 6th, 2016  
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