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Friends, I am Vijay, Indian resident in the US of A –and an amateur photographer – a qualification I absolutely reiterate given the awesome talent and creativity of artists on this site. Started only around the end of Jun’ 2013 but loving this project. I do not consider myself blessed with “creativity” but usually try to learn by watching or following others. In that regard this is site is absolutely perfect. I have realized over the last few weeks that I like to photograph or drawn towards simple compositions especially B/W, silhouettes, close-ups especially kids, eyes, and anything in red. Definitely need to understand lighting (scares me), landscapes, long shutter speed images and work on my skills for ‘approaching interesting strangers” …!!
My rules - take at least one picture each day and upload one picture each day (as long as its been taken since I joined 365 - unless of course I am doing it for a theme/competition with a specified timeframe)
My goals are to fulfill my commitment through the year, learn by watching others, keep improving every day and, and above all enjoy the process!!

Constructive criticism/feedback requested!!