Bright eyes by friesianfury

Bright eyes

yes yes another spider, he just showed up over my head and landed on my desk when I was working, so I played with him in my photo tent outside :D
Excellent close-up! Amazing detail!
October 6th, 2011  
Exquisite. He is a cuddly little fella. Live his eyes. You even managed to get a little catchlight. Nicely done.
October 6th, 2011  
Awesome macro shot, how big was the spider as it looks huge, what type of macro lens do you use, sorry for all the questions but this is a fantastic close up
October 6th, 2011  
@johnnyfrs the spider was no bigger then the size of a pencil eraser, so he was very small then what this photo is betraying him as. I used a 0.42/40x lens. It was just a cheap try out lens that seems to be doing ok! I placed him on a white board and moved my photo tent outside in the sun light and well from you know everything lol.

@netkonnexion @zferrie thank you!
October 6th, 2011  
A brilliant shot. Great details on the spider and nice shadow.
October 6th, 2011  
I love how it looks like the spider is wearing mascara! Great shot with awesome detail!
October 6th, 2011  
Amazingly, wonderfully fantastic shot! Spiderwoman strikes again! Not only did you get a crystal clear shot, you caught it looking right at the camera! And the shadow is fantastic! Then you view it large and it's even better! Not going to fav it though.... only kidding!
October 6th, 2011  
And I love the ginger moustache and white beard!
October 6th, 2011  
fabulous detail - love that shadow too
October 6th, 2011  
Great closeup with great details and shadow. If a spider had surprised me like that, he might have gotten squished. Spiders are O.K. with me unless they are huge, they are poisonous or if they surprise me.
October 7th, 2011  
Wow!! Great shot! It's like she's looking right into the camera with a lovely look ;)
October 8th, 2011  
Very nice. I love the shadow he makes!
October 10th, 2011  
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