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An update, as I have been away for 2+ years. I had to leave due to health issues and, though I have them still, I have more time and less pressure to photograph. In the meantime I have won a couple of photo contests but nothing provides support like this site and the wonderful people on it.

I am a writer, a wonderer, and wanderer just building my creative life; focusing on what really matters. Like when I write words, I don’t want to just see when I take a photo, I want to see differently. It’s just a way of living, after all, day by day by day. If interested you can see writing and photo combined in www.ordinaryvagabond.blogspot.com - an exploration of 'my place', and my art photography website at www.seekingsoulsphotography.com

I am originally from Bath, England, grew up in the Canadian Alberta prairies, and now living on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.