Oh No! by gardencat

Oh No!

What happened here?
Might be connected to this:
dead pigeon from the look of it, which round here is not a loss
May 17th, 2019  
It's terrible to find these piles! I'm afraid this is why I'm not very fond of cats.
May 17th, 2019  
@robz I struggle too. I do like cats, and I understand that they are obligatory carnivores and it is in their nature to hunt. I can even appreciate their skill in carrying it out. But I can’t like the results.
I feel the same about raptors. They are so graceful, soaring in the sky, but such heartless killers.
May 18th, 2019  
@gardencat You have said it all so well. We also have birds of prey in our area - they are magnificent but they do prey on the small water birds in our dam - such a double edged sword! :)
May 18th, 2019  
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