Money Tree by gavincci

Money Tree

Thats M-O-N-E-Y , so sexy !
~ Lady GaGa

Pachira Aquatica; commonly referred to as the money tree, is rumored to bestow good luck to its owners. It is one of the easiest plants to grow whether one wishes to keep it as a Bonsai plant or tall tree.

Money trees are commonly raised indoors and can be trained as bonsai or allowed to grow to heights reaching four or five feet. Pachira Aquatica is characterized by its several braided trunks which branch out at the top producing large multi-leaved foliage.

The money tree typically consists of five separate trunks that are braided together to form a single trunk mass. At the top of each trunk sprouts several branches which sprout beautiful foliage. Once the pattern of braiding has been established, one only has to continue the pattern each time the trunk has grown tall enough to be braided.
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