Obidos Portugal by gazzatron

Obidos Portugal

The name "Óbidos" probably derives from the Latin term oppidum, meaning "citadel", or "fortified city". The municipality had its origin in an early Roman settlement near the foothills of an elevated escarpment. The region of Óbidos, extending from the Atlantic to the interior of Estremadura Province along the rivers and lakes has been inhabited since the late Paleolithic. A settlement was constructed by early Celt tribes, that was later a centre of trade for the Phoenicians.
Sometime after 713 the Moors established a fortification on this mountain, while a Christian community of Mozarabs lived in the Moncharro neighbourhood.
The area was taken from the Moors by the first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, in 1148. In 1210, King Afonso II gave the title of this village to Queen Urraca. Since then, Óbidos has often been patronized by the Queens of Portugal, giving rise to its informal title as Vila das Rainhas (English: town of the Queens) - Souce: Wikipedia
A fabulous collage, Obidos looks like a beautiful city!
March 8th, 2018  
@louannwarren Stunningly beautiful and luckily it was one of the days I had the most sunshine.
March 8th, 2018  
Another wonderful collage with great information.
March 9th, 2018  
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