Scenes of Sintra by gazzatron

Scenes of Sintra

Sintra just to the West of Lisbon is UNESCO World Heritage listed. Its history is also the history of humans in Europe. Remnants date to the Bronze age, Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. It was occupied by the Romans in the 1st and second century BC to the 5th Century AD and subsequently the Moors who build the Medieval Castle on the Hill - Castelo dos Mouros. The Christian occupation dates from the 9th Century.
The few pictures I managed to cram into the collage barely do it justice. They are ones I like for a range of reasons.
These are all stunning photos of what looks like an amazing place. Being in an area with that much history must be so fascinating.
March 8th, 2018  
nice collage... thanks for sharing the history
March 8th, 2018  
Wow! Terrific photos; what an amazing place.
March 9th, 2018  
Your collages and history lessons are wonderful. Thank you!
March 9th, 2018  
Great collage and information.
March 9th, 2018  
Nice collage. I should really go to Portugal. After all it’s around the corner for us! My husband has bene to Sintra more than one for scientific meetings but I had my owns and didn’t have time to travel as the “accompanying spouse” ;-)
March 10th, 2018  
@hrb73 @hrb73 @dmdfday @amyk @louannwarren @littleconnie @caterina thank you all I am pleased to share s little of Sintra and appreciate the comments.
@caterina it is very beautiful and well worth a visit.
March 11th, 2018  
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