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Nature is harsh and exacting ... as I witnessed again this afternoon, while taking my dog Gunnar out for a walk. You see this hawk with a dead squirrel, but you don't know the back story. I watched as a vulture found the dead squirrel in someone's yard, and began picking at it. Within about a minute and a half, the hawk shows up, and attacks the larger vulture, and steals the squirrel. The hawk then just stood with the squirrel in its claws for about 3 minutes, only feet away from the now disenfranchised vulture. Then, suddenly, the hawk flew off to this roof top with its bounty. It just waited there, while i had a chance to walk back to my house a few homes away, drip off my dog, and go back to get these and other shots with my telephoto lens. Waaaaay cool, right?
Great shot
August 5th, 2019  
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