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I joined this site back in 2010, so while I may look like a noob, I'm not. I completed my first 365 project in July 2011. I dabbled for a little while, posted here and there, made a few more attempts to do it again, quit paying my ace membership and here i am starting clean again in 2020!!

Originally from Texas, now living in NE Tennessee. I miss my Texas but this is home too.

Now, it's some TEN years later-and I'm still learning what me and a camera can do, I've moved on to a full-frame DSLR and now mirrorless and changed my resume to include the words "Professional Photographer" which is still mind-blowing to me, that I'm lucky enough to get paid to do what I love... Don't let that professional thing fool you though, there's still plenty out there I need to learn, a handful of things I need to un-learn and a heap of things I need to re-learn.

I contract with a Real Estate Agency and provide images for all their online listings. It's a blast getting to walk through homes, most of which I can't afford and it hardly seems like 'work' to me on most days.

I'm also fortunate enough to have my images in an art gallery downtown where I live, and even more fortunate that people are generous enough to buy my work there.

So that brings us here...on the cusp of another 365 adventure. I'm bringing friends with me...some that were with me on my first attempt and a few more that I've recruited to keep me motivated!