Floating market gardens by golftragic

Floating market gardens

An extraordinary array of vegetables can be seen growing out on the lake on floating rafts of water hyacinth.
This is just so utterly clever, I wonder why I didn't see such things in the floating villages in Vietnam. I like how you have composed it with the house peeking through.
March 14th, 2018  
Yes, I wondered the same thing about VietNam and Cambodia too. My only guess is that maybe the height of Inle Lake is more or less constant between a small range, and that, eg, Tonle Sap isn't (fluctuates a lot). We saw lots of tomatoes, eggplant and other unknown crops all growing very happily.
March 14th, 2018  
Such a clever way of growing vegetables. Lovely composition.
March 14th, 2018  
A large hydroponic set up :)
March 14th, 2018  
This is fascinating!
March 14th, 2018  
@bintal @hermann @robz I was very interested to have a good look at these floating market gardens, but that was easier said than done unfortunately.
March 15th, 2018  
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