on saterday I did a very hard thing. saying goodbye isn't a lot of fun, even if it's just to some horses. it means no more morning visits, no more taking pictures of them in golden hour sunlight, no more rubbing your cheek against there smooth coats, no more calling spirit 'big stuff' when he's getting in the way, no more dreaming of climbing up on them bareback to race with the wind.......
tor and spirit were both really awesome guys, I loved taking photos of them, and will miss them......I hope they have fun in montana.
Enjoyed catching up, looking back over your last 10 photos! I've been so sick, I just haven't been on here for a while! Sorry about the horses leaving, though I'm sure you'll find many other animal and human friends to photograph!
posted May 17th, 2012  
Oh, this makes me really quite sad :( Hope you are okay, Grace. Sending you a hug to compensate for his (?) absence.
posted May 17th, 2012  
@raeofsunshine thanks Rachel! and I hope you're feel better soon!
posted May 17th, 2012  
@traeumerlein87 aw, thank ya, Lisa! my sister actually took it harder then I did :( and yeah, they're both boys ;)
posted May 17th, 2012  
oh no, this is sad... your words and the picture go perfectly together. The tones and textures make me want to rub my cheek against its coat :)
posted May 17th, 2012  
the picture reflects pretty well your feelings. I'm sorry about that :(
posted May 17th, 2012  
I hate saying goodbye too :( This is a great picture, though, fav :)
posted May 17th, 2012  
looks like he doesnt want to say goodbye either. pulls at your heart
posted May 17th, 2012  
Saying goodbye is the hardest, sending you hug.:(
Beautiful picture for beautiful memories.
posted May 17th, 2012  
Awwww! Sweet capture!
posted May 18th, 2012  
I hate to say goodbye. This is a super shot
posted May 19th, 2012  
this is gorgeous.
so what attracts you to Christianity?
posted May 21st, 2012  
This is a really sweet picture, im sorry you have to say goodbye :(
posted May 25th, 2012  
thanks Dave. sorry I didn't get back to you for so long. I haven't been on here much recently....so what attracts me to Christianity? well, mostly Jesus. 'cause there isn't really anything attractive about religion, like rules about what you can and can't do and stuff. the reason Jesus came was so people could be free, so they wouldn't have to live guilty, so they can have a relationship with God. it's pretty awesome.
so yeah, I would probably say I view Christianity differently then a lot of people do. :) @chewyteeth
posted May 27th, 2012  
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