i am smiling motherf**ker by graemestevens

i am smiling motherf**ker

I was forced to have words with someone today in a professional capacity. The message was delivered with the appropriate amount of venom and acerbity. I am always amazed at when inspiration strikes.
Probably "best" on black...
Just got up & switched on my iPad, this is the first thing I see...a half loaded top part of this scary face gazing at me....I am awake!! I pity your colleague! The very best on black.
July 10th, 2019  
oooh grizzly!
July 10th, 2019  
OMG, this is fabulous and terrible at the same time
July 10th, 2019  
horrifically brilliant!
July 10th, 2019  
i can't look
July 10th, 2019  
This is quite horrific and extremely clever!
July 10th, 2019  

@brigette Go on...treat yourself ;)
@pixiemac Thank you kindly :)
@kjarn Just what I was aiming for :)
@koalagardens That's how I roll ;)
@happypat In that case, good morning! Have a fabulous day!
@jamibann Thank you very much :)
July 10th, 2019  
that is one nasty piece of work :)
July 10th, 2019  
Do you have a dentist at all !
July 10th, 2019  
Uhm.... just... uhm....
July 10th, 2019  
Wow... so intense and graphic.
July 10th, 2019  
dude! whoa!
July 10th, 2019  
Wow your scary............I wouldn't want to have words with you looking like that! Lol
July 10th, 2019  
This is so wonderfully creepy, and it is good that you had words with your colleage as yourself and not as mr Hyde.....he/she wouldn’t have survived this ;)
July 10th, 2019  
LOL! Such a charmer! :)
July 10th, 2019  
Inner demons!
July 10th, 2019  
Oh dear, this was way too scary - I shall have nightmares now!!
July 10th, 2019  
gruesome. It is difficult to look at this and convince myself that you have not permanently been maimed in the making of this. I do fear for the person you had words with - I expect they deserved it though.
July 10th, 2019  
OMG, looks totally ghastly, ie it's a fabulous image. You have an incredible imagination.
July 11th, 2019  
@golftragic Thank you very much - I was aiming for ghastly :)
@helenhall They most certainly did ;)
@fbailey I'm so sorry...try wine ;)
@joysabin I think they're outer now...
@juliedduncan I'm a right catch :)
@jacqbb Maybe next time I should do it like this...
@radiogirl Neither would I ;)
@blueberry1222 Indeed ;)
@kwind Thank you very much :)
@northy Just what I was aiming for :)
@cutekitty Not any more...
@pistache I might use it for my passport...
July 12th, 2019  
July 12th, 2019  
That is really scary looking!
July 12th, 2019  
Wow. This is a whole 'nother level of disturbing....

July 14th, 2019  
@lsquared Excellent :)
@harbie Just what I was aiming for...
July 17th, 2019  
Yikes! Saw this before bedtime. My dreams are already strange enough!
July 19th, 2019  
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