passin' through by graemestevens

passin' through

It's our last day in Split today.
Mrs S and I fly out to Munich this afternoon and Kyra, along with one of her friends who has been with us for the last 4 days, head off to Vienna and then Budapest for a 7 day music festival.
Amazing street scene .. really suits the 'grunge' look...
July 28th, 2019  
Cool shot. Looking forward to the music festival...
July 28th, 2019  
Wonderful street scene.
July 28th, 2019  
Instant fav
July 28th, 2019  
Nice to spend time with the kid
July 28th, 2019  
It's that fab processing again:)
July 28th, 2019  
thanks for taking us on holiday with you.
July 28th, 2019  
A 7 day music festival?! My God, I feel old because that sounds like way too much music for my ears.
July 28th, 2019  
Love the way you edited this! And those people are staring at you.....had they never seen a photographer before?
July 28th, 2019  
I love the way you have processed this! Great scene! We're thinking Croatia will be our next big trip and Split is on our list!!
July 28th, 2019  
Such a most excellent edit and capture, There is a feel of other worldly that is just scrumptious,
July 28th, 2019  
I have to say the HDR on faces does give a person some age!
July 29th, 2019  
@jgpittenger Sometimes...but these guys were looking old and tired already. It was 37 degrees the day this was taken so I can't say I blame them either.
@joysabin Thank you very much :)
@kwind It's worth a visit, without ready for the heat!
@jacqbb It doesn't like they have...maybe they wanted my large ice cream though...
@blueberry1222 It's the lack of shower facilities that would bother me...
@jack4john Thanks for not bringing too much luggage ;)
@fbailey Thank you kindly :)
@brigette It was...and now we're in Munch and she's in Vienna, but it was really good to see her :)
@haskar Instant thanks ;)
@jamibann Thank you very much :)
@bradsworld Thanks very much :)
@julzmaioro Thank you kindly :)
July 29th, 2019  
it must have taken you all day and night to create this etching. It is most impressive.
July 30th, 2019  
@helenhall About 10 minutes ;)
July 31st, 2019  
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